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Magic and charm of the escort

Just sex? Not even close. A meeting with a high class escort lady is so much more than an erotic affair or a sex quickie on the side. Every man or couple who have enjoyed a real high-class escort date know about the magic, versatility and sensual eroticism that comes from an escort model and makes every experience so unique. Sounds like fiction? But it is not.

“I wake up and still feel it, smell your beguiling scent in the sheets , pleasant memories of our evening in this hotel room, of her, her sensual smile and again the exciting scent of her silky skin returns to my nose, your gentle breathing and lustful moans in my ears, see her bare skin in front of me, her eyes darkened with lust, have her moist, beautiful femininity in front of my eyes and feel her sweaty body, which writhes in ecstasy under mine. “

High class escort girls are “completely normal” young women – but they are particularly beautiful, stylish and sexually open women with that certain something that will immediately captivate you and them.

She looks her best

Radiant smiles, sparkling eyes and supple bodies – our companions are a visual feast for the eyes and attract attention. And the selection of our ladies is as diverse as the preferences: curvy, skinny, busty, long-legged, female or well-trained – escorts embody exactly your dream and live and experience your erotic fantasies with you far away from your job, everyday life, worries and sadness.  She can wear whatever you want… whatever gets your blood boiling! Sexy lingerie of noble lingerie brands, subtle make-up and noble fragrance as well as a well-groomed appearance.

She simply got it: the look.

“7pm at the hotel bar and I see her standing near the entrance: tight business suit, black nylons, high heels. I linger a minute and enjoy her beauty and incredible charisma. I know she wears hot suspenders and no panties under this sexy skirt – as I wished. I see the looks of the other men and feel the excitement because I know: she is mine.”

The allure of the unknown

The mere thought of this erotic meeting is a kind of mental foreplay: this tingling in the belly and the sweet pulling in the loins when choosing your escort companion excite all the senses and let a little anticipation arise, even the little ones a foretaste of their hot, common Offers time. And your date will enjoy the time with you to the fullest and willingly live out the other’s erotic preferences with you and willingly try new sexual practices.

“There is a soft knock on the door, I open with wet hands and see bright blue eyes, the attraction is immediately there. My eyes wander over her body and the excitement increases, her erotic charisma makes me almost unwilling, her hands, her tongue, her lust take possession of my body, she is a real lady and yet lustful beast, this uninhibitedness, her pure lust and greed for sex and that was just the start.”


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