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By Tony for Jiya on 2015-05-01 : Oh my God ! what a superb girl. she do everything. Really made all my ambitions to sense Indian erotic sex pleasure true.

By Ronit for Devika on 2015-04-21 : I am slightly confused if she is Indian or Pakistani ? Anyway but really very much satisfied with her. She talks perfectly, giving respect, honored !. Very much impressed with her dressing sense.

By Abdulla for Lovely on 2015-04-01 : I met many girls , but Lovely is something different, rare with uncommon beauty !

By Pyiush for Lovely on 2015-03-29 : She talks perfectly, But I felt a little but shy with her !

By Romesh for Lovely on 2015-13-03 : Enjoyed one night stand with her, she really made my time fully sensual !. Great companion

By Dinesh for Devika on 2015-19-03 : She was my first dream girl in Dubai, Went really crazy with her, she just attented me with full passion.

By Josh for Anjali on 2014-12-02 : Yeah! I got really satisfied. She was catchy, engrossing fun with her. Truly Rocking.

By Samual for Shayna on 2014-12-02 : Shayna was great experience ! When we both began to start making a lovely evening, it’s just quite a differently feel when she just got and touched me first time.

By Ralph for Anjali on 2014-11-29 : She is sometimes a little bit shy. But it's OK with her. got a nice time with her. thanks

By Karan for Shayna on 2014-11-29 : Just got her last night. Very much satisfied with her. Shayna just told me everything she likes or dislikes. So we both was successful in creating lovely time for both of us.

By Jeff for Simmi on 2014-11-29 : Hired Simmi on my B. Day. she is sociable and never felt me that she was just an escort Dubai. A little bit disappointed about her higher charges.

By Mahesh for Kirti on 2014-11-28 : Smiling face of Kirti, milky skin and tanned figure . what i look all this in Kirti. Good time we had in my hotel.

By Wilson for Palak on 2014-11-27 : Hot, smart, truly execptional young girl in Dubai.

By Aryan for Maheen on 2014-11-26 : Maheen is lovely girl. Her pretty looks just like heavn for me. A little bit confused about her if she is really Pakistani or not because she speaks hindi also sometimes. I think Punjabi and Hindi both make her so different. Although she is nice girl.

By Kumar for Pooja on 2014-11-25 : Very naughty girl. Pooja look fine, responsive and talented. My first hour with her was quite frustrating because of lots of calls in my room but this is very nice that she doesn’t get any phone calls while with the clients.

By Taneja for Heer on 2014-11-25 : It was my first date with an escort in Dubai. Booked Heer for 2 hours and in this small time she pampered me fully. I think she is very sincere by attitude and I suggest everyone for her because she is very caring, good-looking and gives you priority before everything.

By Tom for Shilpa on 2014-11-24 : Beautiful Indian escort in Dubai. Busty, entertaining, n enjoyable girl. What Shilpa looks in real ( very young ) i think in pictures she is quite matured.

By Tonny Wilson for Shayna on 2014-11-23 : Booked Shyna just because of her nice boobs. Shayna's juicy lips laid me to the bed. She completely seduced me. Her talking way if very nice and her charming date was just awesome. I just want to say if I will again come to Dubai I will be looking for her again and again.

By Stefon Jeffery for Anjali on 2014-11-23 : I booked her for gfe experience, Anjali's smiling face and sparkling eyes just impressed on her me. Just felt very eager to meet her. Finally she came to me and knocked the door. A wonderful escort who just came for me hugged me on first meeting. I was surprised. She is a perfect GFE girl.

By Mike for Kirti on 2014-11-23 : Sexy, smiling and a pretty girl. Kirti looked after every my single desires. In between the time we also had erotic gossips and long hours we spent on beach at Jumeirah. Pretty nice girl I met ever in dubai.

By Sunny for Palak on 2014-11-22 : Looked at her n just chosen her. Literally, Palak was just a dream girl and I touched her very softly. A little bit expensive for me. Even I am just a co-worker at Samurai hills. Never looked any other girl either an elite club or any other escort agency in Dubai.

By Aron Lee for Shayna on 2014-11-21 : I was just expecting another kind of girl. Shayna did well but not according to what i wanted from her. At some times she just seems to be shy girl and this is I think her bad luck that I just care about NON Shy girls.

By Mack for Shayna on 2014-11-25 : What a sexy lady she is. This girls really won my sould and heart. Never expected such a nice pleasure with Shayna. Again n again i want her to hook up with me any how.