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Recent Reviews for Shayna

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Samual : 2014-12-02

Shayna was great experience ! When we both began to start making a lovely evening, it’s just quite a differently feel when she just got and touched me first time.

Karan : 2014-11-29

Just got her last night. Very much satisfied with her. Shayna just told me everything she likes or dislikes. So we both was successful in creating lovely time for both of us.

Tonny Wilson : 2014-11-23

Booked Shyna just because of her nice boobs. Shayna's juicy lips laid me to the bed. She completely seduced me. Her talking way if very nice and her charming date was just awesome. I just want to say if I will again come to Dubai I will be looking for her again and again.

Aron Lee : 2014-11-21

 I was just expecting another kind of girl. Shayna did well but not according to what i wanted from her. At some times she just seems to be shy girl and this is I think her bad luck that I just care about NON Shy girls.

Mack : 2014-11-25

What a sexy lady she is. This girls really won my sould and heart. Never expected such a nice pleasure with Shayna. Again n again i want her to hook up with me any how.