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Today I am in Abu Dhabi, we meet in Villa Toscana. In a trendy restaurant. I know it. There are many well-heeled businessmen with their beautiful women. Today I am booked as an accompanying service for an entire evening – including the night. It costs 2000 euros.  I have 1000 euros for around twelve hours of accompaniment.

I accompany men on weekends, at trade fairs and business trips and sometimes on vacation. I am available from two hours of booking. Whether as a travel partner, business or alibi escort – it is up to me whether I have sex with them. Nobody forces me to prostitute myself, but most customers expect it. I am just a woman for certain hours who has to do her part.

Out of boredom to the escort service

It was a mixture of boredom and curiosity that almost four years ago made me search for escort agencies online. On one of those evenings, where you can’t walk to the front door because of the heavy rain. My daughter was out of the house. I was open to new experiences. I wanted to find out what life had to offer me. And, yes, I needed the money. You are not doing this job out of charity. I’ve been divorced for seven years. Since then I have not been really tied. I had one or the other liaison, but after a month at the latest every admirer got on my nerves. Why? I dont know. Something has changed in me since divorce. I like men, but maybe you only love once in a lifetime.

I am just imagining whether my date that I will meet in an hour can kiss. And how comfortable are his hands? I value well-groomed hands, good behavior and a confident demeanor. If he can’t kiss, I’ll teach him – like some men before him. At first I was amazed how many men couldn’t kiss well. It seems like they are looking at the mouth as an opening into which man sticks his tongue and waits for what happens next. The other kind of kissers are the ones that let your tongue rotate in my mouth like a fan. Then I always ask myself whether they do the same with their wives. But I don’t see that as a problem, but rather as an erotic challenge.

The men want to talk

Very often the gentlemen also want to talk. About their job,  colleagues, business partners and so on. But most of all they talk about the women they have. About their listlessness in bed , about their bad mood and dissatisfaction, which some of them find ungrateful. Then I just listen. Being able to listen well, giving the man the feeling that you are listening to everything he says – that is definitely one of the basic requirements for this job.

What I learned when I was working as a high-class escort in Dubai

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