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What I learned when I was working as a high-class escort in Dubai

I was 24 when I decided to pursue a side career as an escort. After completing my studies, I went through the capital’s numerous escort websites on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Was it boredom, curiosity or the financial “need” that drove me to give my unused professional life a new, rather unusual direction? I am not sure.

At that time, I was sure there were agencies offering companionship, not sex services I had to give up this hope relatively quickly. So I chose the most aesthetically pleasing side, hoping to make at least a lot if I had to go to bed with strange men.

I finally found what I was looking for at a single agency whose photos were so aesthetic that it was almost forgotten that it was supposed to be something dirty – albeit at a high level. Even the requirements for an escort lady are extremely demanding: you should speak several languages, especially English, have elegant clothes, know how to behave in restaurants and be an interesting partner. You should be educated, changeable and give a man the feeling that he is the center of the world. Since I had studied acting, had had a good upbringing, and had grown up bilingual, I rated my chances pretty high and applied with two photos.

Escorts also need to be interviewed

When I had almost forgotten what I was getting myself into, my phone rang and a friendly female voice asked me if I could introduce myself in the office, preferably tomorrow.

How I got the idea to apply as an escort, if I would change my hair, if I do enough sport – I was bombarded with questions as if I was at an interview for a normal job. After all questions I had to go with the lady to the next room, so that she could see me naked.

When that was done, I went back to the living room, where I was presented with a contract that I had to read and sign again. I also received 1000 euros in cash, with which I was able to go to the hairdresser and buy elegant underwear and clothes. The last step was a photo shoot where I was supposed to look sexy and seductive. After the photos went online , we had to wait for the first booking . Two hours with me would cost the customer 400 euros, 30 percent of which was given to my agency.

Sometimes you get paid for doing nothing

My first customer wanted to massage my feet almost exclusively. I met him at the Kempinski. He was a bit stocky, mid to late 40s and fairly small. We met in the cigar bar and then quickly went to his room, where I had to sit awkwardly on the bed and asked him what he wanted next. He wanted to massage my feet and lay down on the cold bathroom floor, where he started to satisfy himself while I was still sitting on the bed, a little puzzled. He instructed me to tell him when he should come and I did that. Then I was allowed to put on my shoes and go. The whole thing did not take longer than about 45 minutes, but he had paid for three hours. A pretty good deal for me and not the last time I was paid for doing nothing.

Once a customer had booked three ladies from our agency, then got scared and canceled, but paid us in full for the booked four hours. But the craziest was the guy who just went out to eat with me to show me the pictures of his twins.

Men are more respectful when they pay for sex

I met a lot of men. All of them very different. Some actually just wanted to eat with me, others didn’t want to get out of the hotel room at all. What they all had in common: they treated me with respect and dignity and went out to the finest restaurants with me. Nobody groped me against my will and no other horror fantasies about escorts and their customers came true. Nobody ever beat me up or treated me degrading in any way. If anything, my customers were far more respectful and understanding than any man I had sex with without having to pay for it. The only cliché that has been confirmed is that almost all of the men were married without exception and mostly even had families. Somehow I can understand them. When else do you have a date when you don’t have to pretend and everyone knows exactly what the evening will be like ?

“I had sex with 1,200 people” – Interview with a sex escort

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