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Birgit is 46 and works as an escort lady in Abu Dhabi. In her first job she was an educator, in her second she looked after lonely businessmen and earned her money with the escort service she offered. Here she reports about her life, sex and prostitution.

You have to bring a lot with you for this job. The agency expects a confident, sophisticated and cultivated personality who, according to the explicit description, “is also open to adventure”. Such agencies never talk directly about sex. That would be too cheap. You have to have a well-groomed appearance and a good general education. Foreign language skills are also required for my job; I speak English and French quite passably. After the interview photos are taken, including in lingerie. They don’t want private snapshots. You have to fill out a questionnaire with your interests, your career and the body measurements. They are not looking for top models, but normal women. As for me, I am 168 cm tall,  size 38/40, blue-eyed, streaked blond, shoulder-length hair. The minimum age is 21 years; there are no limits to the top. Escort ladies work in my agency, they are in their mid-50s.

I accompanied an athlete

I had my first job four days after the interview. For 24 hours I have been accompaning an internationally famous athlete. I can’t and don’t want to say more. Except that I was pretty excited the first time. But the men who book an escort service already know that. And then they will help you to overcome your insecurities. They are really experienced in that. The men who use our services come from all areas. Politicians are also among them. But I do not care. I don’t rate that. The main thing is that I do my job well and the customers are satisfied. Then they recommend me or book me again and again. Regular customers are the best thing that can happen to you. You know each other and are well attuned to one another. That makes it less strenuous. I work all over UAE also worldwide, if the order requires it. I’ve already been to Milan, Geneva, Mallorca, Barcelona, Copenhagen, a weekend in New York.


My daughter doesn’t know how I make my money. Nobody knows. They all think that I earn very well in network marketing. And I don’t have to tie it to anyone. Discretion is the be-all and end-all in this business. I learned to be an educator. I know how to deal with children, and that also helps me when dealing with men. There are amazing parallels. It’s always about the same thing: undivided attention and appreciation. At the time, I actually wanted to qualify further and study social pedagogy. But then I met my ex-husband and got pregnant. I stayed in kindergarten and worked part-time for several years. When my daughter was out of the worst, I took over the management of a day care center for a few years. After the divorce, the money became scarce. My ex-husband was the kind who quickly steals responsibility once the tape is broken. I had to make more money, started selling magnetic jewelry and supplements. The business was booming, then the company went bankrupt. So I had to come up with something. I definitely didn’t want to go back to my old job.

A jet set life

Today I have to say: It was a real jet set life in my first two years as an accompanying lady. Everything new and exciting; I made more money than ever before. Turned in circles that I only knew from magazines. Now I’m 46. I can’t do the job forever. And doesn’t want it either. After four years the magic of the new is gone. And then something else came up. I think I’m in love. No, not in a customer, God forbid! I met Robert at a party. Almost two months ago. At first it was just a flirt, nothing serious. But somehow he managed to touch my heart. I feel that. I can no longer get involved with my customers like that. My thoughts wander when I’m with them; I am bored with their stories. And when I have sex with them, I feel reluctance. Is that just weariness? Or maybe my guilty conscience? It is probably time for me to rearrange my priorities. This also means that I listen to my heart again carefully. I haven’t done that since my divorce . I was hurt, disappointed. And had to fight so that my daughter and I could make ends meet. Who knows, maybe this job will be my last tonight. Maybe not. I still can’t say if it’s love that I feel for Robert. You also dull emotionally in this profession. The women who say that’s not the case are lying. It is half past seven. I have to go now.


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